An analysis of the game of lebron james the best player in the nba

Latest News Recent News LeBron James hit just 5-of shots for a season-low 14 points, seven rebounds, two assists, two steals and two blocks in 30 minutes of Tuesday's blowout loss to the Nuggets. He was 0-for-4 from downtown and committed four turnovers, and the Nuggets outscored the Lakers in all four quarters of this game. It was a blowout and the Lakers probably made a wise choice by getting LeBron out of there and getting him some rest.

An analysis of the game of lebron james the best player in the nba

Led historically good offenses on a variety of teams Has the best box and non-box statistical portfolio of the Databall era Elite passer and perimeter defender, but overly ball-dominant at times Scouting Report LeBron entered the league as the best teenager in NBA history, a cocktail of size, athleticism and basketball IQ.

From Day One, he was capable of explosive scoring with an aptitude for the skip pass. But his jumper was streaky and his shot selection spotty.

Yet he was quick enough to take point guards with the slightest of angles or explode out of a canon with ferocious backcuts: His passing rates, always good, graduated to another level that year.

Note the velocity on the third pass below: He went from hitting about 75 percent of his high-leverage passing chances to about 80 percent, a rate he maintained through In my tracking, this was below Nash, who was at 88 percent in Dallas and Phoenix, and Kevin Garnettwho was at 86 percent.

LeBron missed his fair share of quality passes too, tossing ones that were off the mark — too hard or into too much traffic, for example — every 2 plays per possessions. InJames slid his game inside more, the beginning of a multi-year trend toward more efficient shots and a more versatile offensive attack: When he was younger, LeBron pulled the trigger on more of those low-percentage, double-teamed looks after breaking down defenses.

In Miami, he was more willing to pass those shots to open teammates, a trend that continued into his second Cleveland stint.

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The improved decision-making helped boost his scoring efficiency. FromLeBron shot 33 percent from downtown. On defense, James improved in phases as well. In his first few seasons, he was prone to more breakdowns and lacked dominant defensive sequences.

However, he would become one of the most impressive perimeter defenders in NBA history, gradually improving until before jumping a level in He is one of the only players ever to truly guard all five positions on the court.

He regularly diagnosed plays and anticipated where to besometimes directing teammates like a linebacker calling out the action before the snap.

For instance, in the previous clip, he sends the smaller Kyrie Irving to the wing, immediately recognizing the mismatch Boston would exploit with Irving on a big man. He disrupted offenses in a variety of ways, jumping passing lanes, pinching down on dribblers or crisply rotating to the rim: James was able to defend like this without fouling, regularly finishing near the bottom of the league in shooting fouls committed.May 31,  · Cavaliers forward LeBron James single-handedly dominated the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals and, at age 33, is playing the best basketball of his career.

LeBron greeted in return to Cleveland. LeBron James salutes the crowd and Cleveland that give him a cheer in return as the Lakers top the Cavs James Harden is trying to carry Houston to its first NBA Finals since There will be no dispute this time around.

There is no other narrative that trumps Harden’s.

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No other player. Kemba Walker doesn’t have the name recognition of some of the other All-Star point guards around the NBA. His name doesn’t pop up in those casual conversations about the best players at what. LeBron James explains to SI's Lee Jenkins why he's returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers after spending four seasons with the Miami Heat.

Jun 28,  · Some of the biggest names in basketball — LeBron James, Paul George, Chris Paul and DeMarcus Cousins — are set to hit the market this summer.

An analysis of the game of lebron james the best player in the nba
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