Critical thinking is not emotionless thinking

Discussion Questions — week 2 1 How do other emotions influence our thinking? An individual emotions or lack of emotions will have and effect on their thinking process. This statement has been used to prove how emotions can overcome a person to commit evil deeds. The statement can also be used to show how anger may have the power to render an individual totally emotionless and have not a care in the world for their actions.

Critical thinking is not emotionless thinking

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. From clocks to computers the use of electronics and tools is occurring every day in almost all situations. Carr explains how we think less deeply and rely on quick facts, versus using critical thinking and research.

What was the motive by the British and The Allies?

Lastly Carr talks about what the internet may become in the future, and how it could make us more like computers. Carr Carr believes the internet makes us less deep thinkers due to its easiness.

Since on the internet we gain a lot of spread out information, but not in depth knowledge on the specific topic, becoming spread out and thin intellectually, like a pancake. Carr says, we no longer have to analyze information and understand it ourselves, but instead rely on simple answers.

The simplicity and easiness of finding an answer is changing deep thought, to shallow thinking. Carr I agree with Carr that we are becoming shallow thinking people because the internet makes research quick and simple. What this ultimately does is change us from critical thinkers into lazy-like typing zombies that believe almost anything online since we no longer rely on ourselves to investigate.

I see this not only in myself, but in many of my peers. Carr could be correct, society may become more and more simple minded and leave extended thinking in the past with paper text. Carr gives a brief example of how neurons can be made and broke depending on what things shape the way things are done.

By being used to instant searching and internet preferences, the brain reprograms itself in being used that certain way.

He thinks by using the internet so much, we will become more and more objective and quick thinkers, and ultimately emotionless computers. He also gives examples of how the clock and typewriter changed our way of thinking in the past.

Critical thinking is not emotionless thinking

Adapting this way will rewire thought processes and continue to dictate how we act. When Carr stated the fact of how the clock had made a huge impact on how we go about our day, I realized its significance.

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Modern culture is completely shaped by time, when we eat, sleep, work, and much more. I have seen this first hand when I worked with Native Americans.

They do not rely on time frame, and kind of live, work, and do as they feel and the setting of day. Knowing the clock has made such a huge impact on our lives, I plainly see how it changed our brains thought pattern.

We have wired ourselves mentally to wake up on time, and what we will do. Again I have to agree since scientific research has shown that the brain rewires its self, constantly making new, and breaking old neuron channels.

The Critical Thinker’s OODA Loop – Dr. Jamie Schwandt – Medium | Systems Community of Inquiry

Seeing this specific pattern gives proof to how internet is taking the place of the clock in a modern way. Google continues to grow and change the way things are perceived on a daily basis because the internet is used in everything anymore.

Piecing his entire article together leads Carr to believe we are progressing into a computer-like culture. A culture where our emotions become artificial and task orientated. He fears we will think collectively and quick thinking for ourselves, again becoming more like a computer system.Stop thinking B2B, think P2P To make content marketing work for your brand, you need to change the way you look at B2B customers.

Sure, in a B2B transaction, you’re dealing with a business. Aug 27,  · Tag Archives: Critical Thinking. Human beings evolving to senseless and emotionless robots; The Dark Ages then and now; September 1, Uncategorized Al Qaeda, al shabaab, Conspiracy theorist, Conspiracy Theory, Critical Thinker, Critical Thinking, fast and furious, Free Thinkers.

Critical thinking is not emotionless thinking

CRITICAL THINKING Journal #4. 10/4/ I wasn't raised like that. Since a child, my parents taught me that just because I am a female it does not mean I have to be in the kitchen. My mom does not put pressure on me to behave more like a "women".

Critical thinking framework: OODA Loop

emotionless individual anymore. Girls as well are not being raised to be a housewife, a mom. Positive psychology focuses on positive aspects of wellbeing including (but not limited to) positive emotions, happiness, hope, optimism and other constructs that relate to the idea of positive thinking.

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The good news is not only that positive attitudes—such as playfulness, gratitude, awe, love, interest, serenity, and feeling connected to others—have a direct impact on health and wellbeing, but that we can develop them ourselves with practice.

Overcoming our negativity bias.

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