Crito essay questions

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Crito essay questions

Would you agree that it is better to die than to live badly? Socrates says that one should never inflict wrong on another, even when one has been wronged oneself. So far Socrates has been reminding Crito of some general principles that they both accept.

Beginning at 50a Socrates uses these general principles to argue that it would be wrong for him to try to escape his sentence. He puts these arguments in the voice of the Laws of Athens. How does he argue that he has made an agreement with Athens to obey its laws? Do you agree that he has made such an agreement?

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Why or why not? Even if Socrates had made an agreement to obey the laws, one might think that he had a right to back out of that agreement under some circumstances say, when he is about to be unjustly executed. But Socrates seems to think that he has no such right.

He says he must persuade the city that he is right or obey its lawful commands. To which of his general principles does he appeal at the end 54c? What would it be? In the ApologySocrates said that if the Athenian court forbade him to practice philosophy from then on, he would refuse to obey.

In the Crito he seems to say that one must always obey the legal authorities, even when they command what is unjust. Is there a way to reconcile what he says in these two works? Can you think of a way to make his statements consistent with one another?Mar 02,  · Crito Essay, Response to Question Plato’s work, The Crito, explores one of the last days of Socrates’ life.

This work is set in Socrates’ prison cell, where Socrates is . Essay Questions; Cite this Literature Note; Study Help Essay Questions Bookmark this page Manage My Reading List. 1.

Crito essay questions

What are our chief sources of information concerning the life and teachings of Socrates? Why did he leave no writings? What reasons were given by Crito for urging him to escape?

On a more ethical level, Crito presents two more pressing arguments: first, if he stayed, he would be aiding his enemies in wronging him unjustly, and would thus be acting unjustly himself; and second, that he would be abandoning his sons and .

Crito, one of Socrates’ close friends, urges Socrates to escape prison while he still can. Crito offers several arguments to justify his escape, including the shame he would endure from the public for letting his friend die, and the poor example it would set for the children of Athens.

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Crito in Plato’s dialogue tries to persuade Socrates to escape from prison, where the philosopher is awaiting his punishment. In this essay we will analyse Crito’s arguments and Socrates’ counterarguments. In this paper, I will address these questions as well as do a quick overview of each article.

Plato and Crito Essay Clay Chastain PHIL Crito and friends can provide the ransom the warden demands. If not for himself, Socrates should escape for the sake of .

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