Example chapter1 of research paper

In order to realize this, then the function are to give qualified education and it interconnection with the requirement of the communities and development of sciences and technologies with dedication and responsibilities of communities, country and state. This had shown that economics downfall followed by monetery crisis had cause the communities loosed their jobs in productive and non productive sectors. Government of South Sulawesi Province have development programs which are based on agricultural business and industries development of animal as part of agricultural business have quite significant contribution in improvement of regional economics. However the method conducted by communities were traditional and had not been touch by sciences and technologies with the effects that the result were not maximum.

Example chapter1 of research paper

Research is a very confusing term. As commonly used, it has so many meanings that we must understand precisely what we mean when we use it in its scholarly sense. We shall discuss in this book what is commonly referred to as basic or pure research.

Much that is said about basic research will also be applicable to the many pragmatic varieties of research activity: The difference between the pragmatic forms and the basic form of research lies in the depth to which basic research probes the underlying causes and meaning of observed phenomena and in the sophistication with which it demands that the collected data of observation be interpreted.

Some of the statements that follow may come as a distinct shock to the conventional way in which you have accepted the meaning of the term research. The reason for your surprise may be in part because you have been conditioned to the term in so many connotative frameworks that you may not be sure exactly what the term really does mean.

Hence, when many students encounter the term for the first time in a truly professional and academic sense, it bewilders them.

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To illustrate, let us Example chapter1 of research paper several instances in which the term research is used with entirely different meanings.

For example, a housewife reads an advertisement and learns that because of "years of research" a new miracle product has been developed which she may now find on the supermarket shelf and which will make her housework easier, do the job faster, and give her more time for other activities.

Her husband, on the other hand, thinks of research in quite a different context.


He identifies research with fact-finding surveys of consumer buying power, figures showing customer preferences and needs, charts and graphs detailing company growth and sales improvement, and, in general, the facts and figures representing the corporate economy.

His twelve-year-old son goes to school and the teacher sends him to the library to find the names and the sizes of Columbus's three ships and also their route across the Atlantic. In so doing, she tells him that he is going to the library to do "research" for his history assignment.

His sister in high school has just completed a "piece of research" by writing a "research paper" on the role of the dark lady in the sonnets of Shakespeare. She has, of course, gone through all the motions of the "research" process by gathering her information on note cards, collecting a bibliography, and footnoting her statements in prescribed form.

Furthermore, both she and her teacher seem quite serious in thinking of this as a "research project. Such activity is, of course, nothing more than fact finding and fact transcribing.

No amount of transfer of information from one place to another, even though the act of transportation is acknowledged by footnote, can be dignified by the term research.

Transfer of information, transportation of fact from one place to another, is simply that, nothing more! Yet the strange misconception that fact transferral is research persists; and, even more disconcerting, it grows in magnitude as the student progresses through the formal learning structure from grade school to college and even from college to graduate school.

What goes on in the grades and throughout high school, bearing the misnomer of research, is further magnified and encouraged during the undergraduate years in college. The deception is enhanced at the college level by a more glorified terminology.

Fact transportation in college is frequently exalted by calling the end product a "research report" or a "research document. The net result of all this is that the student becomes more and more deeply imbued with false concepts and incorrect conditioning.

The student has never been taught; rather, he has been permitted to go unwittingly on his way without ever learning the true nature of research. He has never learned the distinguishing characteristics which differentiate true basic research from spurious fact accumulation.

When, therefore, this student comes to graduate study and is faced with his first course in research methodology or a seminar in basic research design, he is frequently unprepared for the discrete and unfamiliar demands that an entirely new academic discipline may make upon him.

Example chapter1 of research paper

As a result, he may have a difficult time in fulfilling the exacting demands that writing a thesis or a dissertation requires of him.

Consequently, he may give up in despair, or else, after many attempts, write such a mediocre final document that his graduate committee capitulates, despairing of ever getting a piece of real research from such a student. All this is the result of the student's never having been taught the demands of pure research.

Such students are unprepared to conceive of research as a discrete academic discipline. They have never learned the particular way of thinking about facts, not as ends in themselves, but merely as components in a total process whose ultimate aim is to reveal their significance in the quest for the discovery of truth.

Successful research begins with a proper orientation. It is essentially a way of thinking; it is a manner of regarding accumulated fact so that a collection of data becomes articulate to the mind of the researcher in terms of what those data mean and what those facts say.

Many students need to understand the implications of these statements. They need to see clearly the characteristics of what for many of them is an unfamiliar procedure.

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Research is simply the manner in which men solve the knotty problems in their attempt to push back the frontiers of human ignorance. We shall discuss these characteristics in the order in which they appear logically in the research process.Write a chapter summary by first reading the chapter to determine the most salient and important points.

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An example of an operational definition is: "For the purpose of this research, improvement is operationally defined as posttest score minus pretest score".

Example chapter1 of research paper

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10 page research paper apa format example college quizlet