External data integration

External data integration External data integration lets you seamlessly assimilate data from an external application to Control Compliance Suite CCS. The external data is represented as a data schema in CCS. You can use this data schema for the following purposes: Assess the Policy Compliance:

External data integration

With Athena, there are no clusters to manage and tune, and no infrastructure to set up or manage.

External data integration

Customers pay only for the queries they run. I demonstrate two scripts. This script handles both Hive metastores local to the cluster or metastores stored in an external database.

External data integration

Both scripts are available in the aws-blog-athena-importing-hive-metastores GitHub repo. Prerequisites You must have the following resources available: A working Python 2. Athena does not support every data type and SerDe supported by Hive. Edit or replace contents in the generated Hive script as needed to ensure compatibility.

For more information about supported datatypes and SerDes, see the Amazon Athena documentation. Importing the external tables into Athena The Groovy script executescript. Also, make sure that the target database specified in the command exists in Athena. For example, you can use this script to add partitions to an existing Athena table that uses a custom partition format.

Run them using the following commands to create the table and add partitions to it in Athena: Here are some ways you can extend this script: Automatically discover partitions and add partitions to migrated external tables in Athena.

I hope you find this post useful and that this helps accelerate your Athena migration efforts. Please do share any feedback or suggestions in the comments section below.

He guides customers on AWS architecture and best practices. In his spare time, he ponders on the cosmic significance of everything he does.Choose a data integration (import/export) strategy. 03/30/; 9 minutes to read Contributors.

Platform Integration – HANA Smart Data Integration for SAP BW

In this article. This topic is intended to help architects and developers make sound design decisions when they implement integration scenarios for Microsoft Dynamics for Finance and Operations.

Jun 17,  · This entry is part of the Maximo Integration Framework series. Publish Channels in MIF allows to send daya to external systems using a variety of protocols.

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In this article I will demonstrate how to automatically export new or updated assets into CSV/XML files. Recently I was struggling to gather in an external web application data from SharePoint. I was not able to use the App Model as the customer didn’t have the proper App Infrastructure in place.

The common data integration patterns include taking data from an external system and pushing it into Dynamics , taking data from Dynamics and synchronizing it to some external data store, or updating Dynamics with external data.

The SharePoint phase Once the groundwork has been laid, you can now surface the external data in SharePoint products in a variety of ways, including external lists, external data columns, Business Data Web Parts, workflows, search results, profile pages, actions, Apps for SharePoint, and code-based SharePoint components or solutions.

SharePoint Large Scale External Data Integration > , Items The Layer2 Business Data List Connector for SharePoint can be used to connect almost any external data source to native SharePoint lists, e.g. SQL, ERP/CRM, OData etc.

It is made for large scale external data integration scenarios as well and can manage more than .

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