Inuktitut writing a cover

History[ edit ] Inuktitut in the school system[ edit ] Before contact, Inuit learned skills by example and participation.

Inuktitut writing a cover

A bilingual stop sign in Iqaluit, Nunavut. The final tally was close: With her question, Palluq-Cloutier, the executive director of the Nunavut Language Authority, had struck a nerve. Inuktitut dialect map with labels in Inuktitut inuujingajut or local Roman alphabet.

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The dialects and subdialects branch out across much of the Arctic, reflecting Inuit migration over thousands of years from far eastern Russia across Alaska, northern Canada and Greenland. In Alaska and Russia, Inuit languages are rapidly declining, but the Greenlandic dialects remain strong: The majority of Inuit living in Nunavik, northern Quebec, speak Inuktitut.

Currently, in parts of Nunavut and northern Quebec, Inuit use syllabics, a writing system developed by Anglican missionaries in the 19th century. In Labrador, the Northwest Territories, and western Nunavut, Inuit use variations of Roman orthography, a writing system that uses the Latin alphabet to transliterate Inuit languages.

This affects not only how government-issued forms, manuals and reports are written, but also the way children learn Inuit languages at school. For Palluq-Cloutier, the statistics say it all: Since more than half of the Inuit population in Canada is under 25, a task group set up by Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami ITKthe national Inuit organization, teamed up with the Nunavut Language Authority as well as representatives from the other three Inuit regions in Canada — northern Quebec, Labrador and the Inuvialuit settlement region in the Northwest Territories — to research ways to improve language education in schools.

A trilingual sign in French, English and Inuktitut.

inuktitut writing a cover

It makes life difficult for translators trying to transliterate English terms. Despite resistance, the momentum in favor of Roman orthography has been ramping up.

Lessons from the outside

Among other objectives, the act called for all Nunavut students to become fully bilingual in Inuktitut or Inuinnaqtun and English or French by the school year, a goal that has since been criticized for being too ambitious.

The minister has declined to comment while consultations are underway. But for Palluq-Cloutier, the key to improving the education system is clear: The standardized writing system would be introduced to the youngest generation of Inuit through teaching materials for pre-school and kindergarten classes.

Greenland never adopted a syllabics system; its missionaries introduced Roman orthography instead, and the written language was standardized in the s.

Currently, teaching materials produced in one dialect can be taught in schools where a different dialect is spoken, with those differences incorporated into the lessons.Two children read a book in Inuktitut.

inuktitut writing a cover

The writing on the book's cover is in syllabics, which the Nunavut government is looking at phasing out of the school system in favor of Roman orthography. Inuit Inuit are Indigenous These four land claim regions cover about 40 per cent of Canada’s land mass. Do Inuit pay taxes? Yes, Inuit are tax-paying citizens of Canada.

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Who are Innu? There are two styles of Inuktitut writing: syllabics and Roman orthography. Syllabics use symbols to represent sounds rather than letters. Computer Tools. Written communications in Inuktitut have evolved enormously since the first syllabic typewriters were developed thirty years ago.

Today, it is possible to use syllabics on all of the most popular computer software. Unicode is a new worldwide computer standard that supports virtually all languages and writing systems commonly.

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Ranging from cuneiform to shorthand, from archaic Greek to modern Chinese, from Old Persian to modern Cherokee, this is the only available work in English to cover all of the world's writing systems from ancient times to the present. Writing. Because the Inuit language is spread over such a large area, divided between different nations and political units and originally reached by Europeans of different origins at different times, there is no uniform way of writing the Inuit language.

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