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Application cutoff date for submission of Step 1: October 20, Step 2. Online Interview After the first phase a notification letter will be sent to a short list of candidates and they will be invited to arrange an online interview with the recruitment committee.

Master thesis ifi uio airport

Concern for this national resource prompted Congress in to direct the U. Environ- mental Protection Agency EPA to conduct an intensive five-year study of the Bay's resources and water quality, and develop related management strategies.

In addition to evaluating the severity of these problems and what they may indicate about the Bay's water quality, the CBP was directed to review current mechanisms of pollution control and suggest management strategies. This document is the second of the Program's four final reports.

It is intended to share the results master thesis ifi uio airport significance of the Chesapeake Bay Program's technical studies with managers, decision-makers, and citizens.

The report integrates, or synthesizes, results of the many technical studies that have addressed Congress' concerns. This integration by key scientists in the three problem areas centered around a set of specific questions relevant to managers and decision-makers of the Bay region, and were developed by Program staff, and State and Federal environmental managers.

In attempting to answer these questions with the best scientific information, the authors of the papers were not confined only to infor- mation derived from the projects. They drew on the research literature, personal communi- cations, and their own rich knowledge of the Bay's ecology, as well as their extensive interaction with peer scientists.

The conclusions of each paper, although based primarily on results from CBP research projects, reflect a mixture of scientific results and the best judgment of scientists responding to management questions.

The authors and contributors hope that this report will further knowledge of changes taking place in the Bay, so that together, we can manage Chesapeake Bay effectively. As part of the five year study plan for the EPA Chesapeake Bay Program CBPEPA staff, officials from Maryland and Virginia, and citizens identified 10 areas as foremost water quality problems of the Bay, and agreed upon three as most critical for intensive investigation: The EPA then initiated research to study intensively these three problem areas.

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The following summary describes the findings from research projects funded by the Chesapeake Bay Program in those three technical areas. Nutrient enrichment occurs when excessive additions of nitrogen and phosphorous compounds enter the water.

Enrichment can lead to undesirable consequences such as phytoplankton blooms, depletion of oxygen, and changes in kinds of fish present. When an estuary, such as Chesapeake Bay, becomes nutrient-enriched, algae can thrive and accumulate in the water column.

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Their presence decreases light transparency, and, when they degrade, they use up dissolved oxygen that other plants and animals need. Nutrient enrichment in Chesapeake Bay is evaluated by measuring a number of related factors including nutrient concentration and oxygen levels in the water, amounts of chlorophyll ji, a green pigment found in most algaeand transparency of the water Secchi depth.

Historical records of these measurements were gathered and analyzed during the Bay Program to look at trends in nutrients over the past 20 years. During this time, nutrient concentrations have increased, causing enrichment in some areas.

Figure 1 shows areas of the Bay that are enriched. The lower Bay, however, has remained relatively unaffected.

master thesis ifi uio airport

An analysis that relates these trends to the health of fisheries in the Bay will be presented in the CBP report entitled "Characterization of Chesapeake Bay. The estimated percentage that each of the sources contributes to the Bay during a year is shown in Table 1.

Map showing portions of Chesapeake Bay that are moderately or heavily enriched according to the criteria of Heinle et al. This loading ranges from 39 percent in summer to 64 percent in spring when river flows are highest.

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Riverine source loads for P are about 35 percent of the total annual input and range from 12 percent in summer to 57 percent in spring. Of all the river sources, the Susquehanna River is the major contributor of P and N, as shown in Table 2.

The Susquehanna River has by far the largest drainage area and annual flow discharge among the river sources. This at least partly accounts for the relatively higher contribution of N and P from the Susquehanna. This river carries about 70 percent of the total nitrogen and 56 percent of the total phosphorus delivered to the Bay each year from riverine sources.

Most of these loads enter during the winter and spring.


The Susquehanna produces only about 40 percent of annual sediment load, because the particulate matter is trapped in reservoirs located on the lower 60 miles of the main stem of the river. Only a large flow, abovecubic feet per second cfswill transport sediment through the reservoir and deliver them to the Bay.

Such flows occur only one percent of the t ime. The highest riverine loading rates come from cropland, and lowest from forest sites.

Agricultural land appears to produce the largest fraction of the riverine loads by at least a factor of three for both nitrogen and phosphorus, due to the high unit-area loadings and large percentages of land used for agriculture in this area.UNIVERSITY OF OSLO Department of Informatics System Master Thesis This thesis looks at how the alarm distribution system affects the alarm responses, and how helpful features and increased overview may improve the .

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