Moving to virginia

If you're a temporary resident, you don't have to get a Virginia license unless you stay here for longer than 6 months or become gainfully employed. Teen Drivers If you're a teenager, you will need to satisfy the requirements of the state's graduated driver's licensing GDL program before you will be eligible for a driver's license. Apply for a Virginia identification card. We tell you how to get one on our Identification Cards page.

Moving to virginia

Cities and Metro Areas Most people moving to Virginia these days are moving to Northern Virginia for jobs with the government or government contractors, or to go to school in the Washington, D. Several popular communities in Northern Virginia that are accessible to Washington, D.

But Virginia is more than just a satellite community for people working in Washington, D. If you have a job lined up before moving to Virginia, consider your likely commute from your workplace. Commuting between northern Virginia and Moving to virginia, D.

Consider a neighborhood near a metro line that is also accessible to your job. Some neighborhoods are more expensive than others, and your budget might not permit you to live along the same metro line as your job.

But Moving to virginia if you have to change trains, living in a metro-accessible neighborhood allows you maximum freedom to explore the city without the hassle of driving and parking. Cost of Living The cost of living in Northern Virginia is higher than in many other parts of the country, but salaries are often higher as well.

Although the recent housing crises caused home prices to drop, they remain higher in Virginia than in other cities and states where unemployment levels are higher. The cost of living in Virginia for either buying or renting a home or apartment varies by neighborhood.

Homes or apartment buildings that are within walking distance of a metro stop are more expensive than those that are less accessible to the metro. If you are moving to Virginia and work in or near Washington, D. If you will be working in D.

Keep in mind that each metro line has a color. The blue, orange and yellow lines access D. Biking is extremely popular as well, and some Virginia residents ride their bikes to a metro stop for a car-free commute. Check out the D. If you are moving to Virginia but will commute to D.

Moving to virginia

Consider noting the location of VRE stations before moving to Virginia. Driving in Virginia If you are moving to Virginia near D. Also known as interstatethis multi-lane, monster highway goes through parts of Maryland and Virginia and forms a circle around Washington, D.

Traffic routinely slows to a crawl during the morning and evening rush hour, and even a minor accident or bad weather including rain makes things worse. If taking the Beltway is in the cards for you, bring your patience and an audio book. Residents also have the options of other nearby airports: Depending on where you are in Washington, D.

All are also accessible by public transportation if you factor in extra time. See the links to the airport pages for more information. If you are moving to Virginia farther south, Norfolk International Airport will be your go-to for getaways.

Many Virginia jobs are related to the federal government, either directly or indirectly. Keep in mind that different Virginia jobs with the government are located in different parts of the greater Washington, D.

If you are in the military, you might have one of the many Virginia jobs at Fort Belvoir. This Army installation is home to the Virginia National Guard and also hosts many agencies related to the Department of Defense. Check out their website with relocation information for newcomers to the area.

Climate The weather in Virginia is impacted by the mountains in the west and the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean in the east. The mountains direct the effects of storms and weather fronts, and the lakes and shoreline prevent extreme temperatures. Winter is usually mild in northern and eastern regions, but there is the potential for more snow and cold in the mountains to the west.

Sometimes stretches of cold temperatures sink in, but spring usually arrives by the end of March. Spring and fall are the most pleasant seasons, unless you suffer from plant-related allergies, in which case the profusion of flowering trees in the spring will be accompanied by sneezing, watery eyes and a runny nose.

Summer can include stretches of hazy, hot and humid weather, but it lingers through September, when mild temperatures persist but the humidity starts to drop.

Fall is usually mild to cool. Education Are you moving to Virginia with school-age children? Many public schools in Northern Virginia consistently rank among the best in the country, and most high schools offer some sort of advanced placement classes and international baccalaureate programs that can be used to earn college credit.

The Virginia Department of Education boasts a detailed website where interested parents can see statistics about the performance of schools throughout the state.As the capital of Virginia, you’ll enjoy being in the center of it all.

Moving to virginia

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