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Never say no to panda

List of Publications Rhonda: Super excited to be here again with Dr.

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And this is actually a round two podcast. Previously Satchin and I had a really long and interesting discussion on his research and how Which is like the master oscillator, as it's called, or master regulator, of circadian rhythm and how circadian rhythm regulates, you know, when we're active, when we sleep, when we're awake, when we eat, things like that.

But also we talked a lot about this other external cue which also regulates circadian rhythm in what's known as peripheral oscillators.

Never say no to panda

Which are other tissues outside of the nervous system, such as the liver and the gut, and how that's actually regulated by the timing of the food that we take in. And that's where Dr.

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Panda's work comes in, has shed a lot of light on what this So his research in animals has shown that animals that are restricted to eating within a 9 to hour window have improved glucose metabolism, improved lipid profiles, improved cholesterol, you know, increased lean muscle mass, decreased fat mass, decreased fatty liver, you know, favorable gene expression patterns, all sorts of, you know, really favorable outcomes.

In addition he's also shown that when these mice are fed a If they are restricted to this narrow timing, you know, feeding window, which is 9 to 12 hours, they still have improved markers of metabolism and metabolic function.

Which is really hopefully in a way because I think it also indicates that there may be some possibility that for people that have a really hard time eating healthy or just don't eat healthy, maybe even just doing this one thing where they I mean obviously we want them to eat healthy.

But if they don't, eat within a certain time window that's more restricted possibly that would have favorable outcomes. So I'm super excited, Dr. So just sort of since we're talking about this, do we have any human evidence that the people that have, for example, like metabolic syndrome, if they eat within a time-restricted eating window, there's any benefits to that without changing their food composition?

Well, historically most of these research studies haven't looked at timing per se, but there was a very nice, comprehensive review published by American Heart Association that went back to many studies where timing, or at least how many times people ate during the day, was recorded.

And after compiling all the studies, it was close to 70 or 80 different studies related to fasting of decent quality, how many times people ate, that found that, yes, limiting food to a certain number of hours during the day or maintaining overnight fasting was beneficial for cardiovascular health.

So that's a very well done meta-review of existing literature. What we need to do now is to look for new studies where this is specifically looked at where everything else is kept constant and timing is changed so that we'll see whether the benefit is seen among individuals who already have metabolic syndrome.

So that's what is lacking in the field. And, as you know, this is a very new area of research and NIH funding cycle is five years, so any of the studies will take at least five to seven years before we see any result and peer-reviewed journals.

Particular for, I guess, a clinical trial of actually looking at someone with metabolic syndrome. I mean if a person is obese, it may take a little more than just time-restricted eating to lose weight. Although they may, they may lose some.

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They may require more of a, like, prolonged sort of fasting, but the time-restricted eating certainly would affect their I would predict would affect their metabolism. So what we see in our study, a small study that was published, and also some of the other studies that may be in the pipeline, when people adopt a time-restricted feeding in their regular life, in real life, not in the laboratory condition or in clinical trial, then they naturally reduce their caloric intake without even counting calories.

So, for example, when they stop, suppose their target to stop around 6: So in that way they're doing two things, one is reducing calories and also improving nutrition quality because that extra energy-dense diet is not getting into their system.

So in that way I'm hopeful that we'll see some weight loss, and then some improvement in real health, blood biomarkers. And in rodent studies what we have seen when we take already fat mice, who have been eating a really unhealthy diet for a long period in their life, and then put them on a time-restricted feeding paradigm, they don't become, like, lean mice in terms of body weight.

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This episode is a round 2 episode with none other than Dr. Satchin Panda of the Salk Institute! While discussion with Dr.

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Never say no to panda

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Dr. Satchin Panda on Practical Implementation of Time-Restricted Eating & Shift Work Strategies