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This article will help you with methods to disable write protection on your SD card or pen drive. However, Windows can access the content already stored on the storage media without any issue.

Pen drive

Inside the plastic casing is a small printed circuit board, which has some power circuitry and a small number of surface-mounted integrated circuits ICs. Drives typically use the USB mass storage device class to communicate with the host.

These had limited capacity, were slow for both reading and writing, required complex high-voltage drive circuitry, and could be re-written only after erasing the entire contents of the chip.

Hardware designers later developed EEPROMs with the erasure region broken up into smaller "fields" that could be erased individually without affecting the others. Altering the contents of a particular memory location involved copying the entire field into an off-chip buffer memory, erasing the field, modifying the data as required in the buffer, and re-writing it into the same field.

Flash drives are more or less a miniaturized version of this. The development of high-speed serial data interfaces such as USB made semiconductor memory systems with serially accessed storage viable, and the simultaneous development of small, high-speed, low-power microprocessor systems allowed this to be incorporated into extremely compact systems.

Serial access requires far fewer electrical connections for the memory chips than does parallel accesswhich has simplified the manufacture of multi- gigabyte drives. Computers access modern [update] flash memory systems very much like hard disk drives, where the controller system has full control over where information is actually stored.

The actual EEPROM writing and erasure processes are, however, still very similar to the earlier systems described above. Many low-cost MP3 players simply add extra software and a battery to a standard flash memory control microprocessor so it can also serve as a music playback decoder.

Most of these players can also be used as a conventional flash drive, for storing files of any type. Additional components[ edit ] The typical device may also include: Jumpers and test pins — for testing during the flash drive's manufacturing or loading code into its microcontroller.

LEDs — indicate data transfers or data reads and writes. Write-protect switches — Enable or disable writing of data into memory. Unpopulated space — provides space to include a second memory chip. Having this second space allows the manufacturer to use a single printed circuit board for more than one storage size device.

Pen drive

USB connector cover or cap — reduces the risk of damage, prevents the entry of dirt or other contaminants, and improves overall device appearance. Some flash drives use retractable USB connectors instead. Others have a swivel arrangement so that the connector can be protected without removing anything.

Transport aid — the cap or the body often contains a hole suitable for connection to a key chain or lanyard. Connecting the cap, rather than the body, can allow the drive itself to be lost. Some drives offer expandable storage via an internal memory card slot, much like a memory card reader.

Because the USB port connectors on a computer housing are often closely spaced, plugging a flash drive into a USB port may block an adjacent port. Such devices may carry the USB logo only if sold with a separate extension cable.

USB flash drives with images of dragons, cats or aliens are very popular in Asia. Also, standard FAT maintenance utilities e.

Restore Your USB Key to its original state | USB Pen Drive Linux

However, because a flash drive appears as a USB-connected hard drive to the host system, the drive can be reformatted to any file system supported by the host operating system. Defragmenting Flash drives can be defragmented.

There is a widespread opinion that defragmenting brings little advantage as there is no mechanical head that moves from fragment to fragmentand that defragmenting shortens the life of the drive by making many unnecessary writes.

Even distribution Some file systems are designed to distribute usage over an entire memory device without concentrating usage on any part e. Some USB flash drives have this ' wear leveling ' feature built into the software controller to prolong device life, while others do not, so it is not necessarily helpful to install one of these file systems.

Therefore, USB flash units can be partitioned just like hard disk drives. Longevity[ edit ] The memory in flash drives is commonly engineered with multi-level cell MLC based memory that is good for around 3, program-erase cycles, [39] but some flash drives have single-level cell SLC based memory that is good for aroundwrites.

There is virtually no limit to the number of reads from such flash memory, so a well-worn USB drive may be write-protected to help ensure the life of individual cells.Designer pen drives - Promotional Pendrives with Photo & Logo Printing at Best Price.

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Installing Windows from a USB flash drive has several advantages: First of all, the overall speed of the installation process will increase significantly. After having tooled around with a USB Linux version using your image overwritten or multi partitioned flash pen drive, you might find it necessary to revert it back to a single fat partition (restore the flash pen drive to its original state) that can again be read by all computers.

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