Realist perpective on the cuban missile

By clicking "SEND", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. More Essay Examples on The Monroe Doctrine clearly stated that the countries of the rest of the world were not to meddle in the affairs of North and South America, hereby claiming South America as an American sphere of influence. Considering that the leadership of the US had men willing to accept that the USSR should have its own sphere of influence post-World War Two, Khrushchev should have been more cautious in his dealing with Cuba. In the period building up to and the Crisis, Khrushchev had been sending and installing defensive anti-aircraft missiles, known as Jams, in Cuba.

Realist perpective on the cuban missile

There was one sentence in his talk which I liked the most. More than one hundred MPs started a sit-in in protest to the mass disqualification of the candidates by the Guardian Council a month ago. The sit-in lasted for 26 days and ended differently than what many people thought at the beginning.

The MPs did not compromise on their demands with the conservatives. They finally resigned and are still standing on their promises. Sadly, people are not supporting them. People may have a few reasons for their reluctance.

They think that reformists should have stood against the conservatives much earlier, when Ayatollah Khamenei rejected the press bill. In people's view, the reformists' action is very late as well as dishonest. The MPs didn't do anything till their own fate fell into danger.

On the other hand, people are disappointed by observing no real changes after the reformists came into the power. They now prefer to take care of their everyday life believing that engaging in the politics of their own country has turned out to be useless.

Whatever the reasons for people's reluctance are and whoever's fault is, this will only help the conservatives to come into the power and rule the country by their backward agenda.

This is a sad fact that people simply ignore paying attention to it. I have real problem understanding the concept of "disappointment" used by many people. One may become disappointed of a certain way, but then has to come up with a new thing.

Even if people think that the reform movement can not solve their problems, sitting in their homes would not be the alternative solution.

Or if they do, it is what they have chosen consciously and should accept its consequences. This disappointment is the same as the impatience mentioned by Shamolvaezin in his talk.

Iranians start something and then get disappointed after few years. Then they live under dictatorship for hundred years.

They do something again for few years and this loop continues forever. No wonder why we are standing where we are now. Another wrong assumption which most of the people have is that they think of the current power struggle as a game which they are only the fans while the reformists and conservative are the two teams playing it.

As Alavitabar, a reformist, once said, in this game conservatives are playing like a chimpanzee. There is no doubt that when people who have to also play, go aside and watch the game and only once in a while shout, the reformists will lose that game.

People should understand the result of this game is firstly linked to their own fate and not only the reformists. I have quite often heard from people that "The reformists haven't done anything.

Why should I vote for them? They are doing a favor for themselves. It is important to note that the conservatives make their decision based on the pressure they feel by the public opinion. As an example, they used to kill the authors and writers in the past while they send them to jail now.

Though they would prefer to kill them even now, they don't simply because of the public opinion. This is why people can play a major role in getting their rights. Sadly, people haven't done much apart from casting a ballot every one or two years, what they even hesitated in the last city council elections.

In the last few years, the only active social force was the university students which currently suffer badly from losing their unity. The fate of the sit-in could have been and still be very positive.

We tend to neglect the importance of what happened in the last month. In the history of our country, you can rarely see such a resistance against the dictatorship of the power.Related documents Book solution "Control Systems Engineering", Norman S.

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dimensional cosmology (the universe since the big bang) The universe began in the first dimension. There was a microwave vibration that occurred under the influence. The Cuban missile crisis was a confrontation in October, between the Soviet Union, Cuba, and the U. The crisis is regarded as the moment in which the Cold War came closest to turning into a nuclear conflict.

Realist perpective on the cuban missile

The Cuban Missile Crisis was caused by the US because they were concerned with the amount of communists in Cuba. It is a commonsense policy to encourage Cuban authorities to purchase US food and medicine rather than other foreign purchases that may impact adversely on our nation’s security.


The Island of Cuba is in the throes of a transition to a post-Castro Cuba. The Cuban Missile Crisis exhibits the struggle for power between the two dominant powers of the time.

The realist theory believes that world politics is a repetitive struggle for power and or influence.

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