The city of ember book report

The main characters are a girl named Lina and a boy named Doon. Also their families and friends, including Lina's little sister Poppy.

The city of ember book report

History[ edit ] Bellevue was settled in by William Meydenbauer and Aaron Mercer, who claimed homestead tracts several miles apart. Prior to the opening of the Lake Washington Floating Bridge inBellevue was a rural area with little development.

Although it was small, developers were pushing to change that; in the s, James S. Ditty predicted that it would become a city with a population ofBellevue seen from Meydenbauer Bay in Bellevue incorporated a third class city on the March 21, Following the opening of a second bridge across the lake, the Evergreen Point Floating Bridgethe city began to grow more rapidly.

The Crossroads community was annexed in The city experienced a building boom during the mid s, with the building of developments such as Lincoln Square and the Bravern.

Opened in[11] the mall underwent a significant expansion in the s. More recently, an expansion along Bellevue Way called "The Lodge" and the new One Lincoln Tower promise to strengthen downtown Bellevue's role as the largest Seattle Eastside shopping and dining destination.

The city's long-term plans include the Bel-Red Corridor Project, a large-scale planning effort to encourage the redevelopment of a large northern section of the city bordering the adjacent town of Redmond which is a major employment area in the city.

Premised on the approval of the extension of Link Light Rail to the Eastsidethe city hopes to mitigate transportation problems impeding earlier efforts in redeveloping the downtown core; viewed as an economic development opportunity by many in the business and building development community, the process has focused on infrastructure and the encouragement of private construction in a large-scale urban renewal effort.

Under favorable weather conditions, scenic vistas of the Olympic Mountains and Cascade Mountains can be viewed from hilltops and strategically positioned high-rise buildings within the incorporated city. The city lies between Lake Washington to the west and the smaller Lake Sammamish to the east.

Much of Bellevue is drained by the Kelsey Creek watershed, whose source is located in the Larsen and Phantom Lake green belt and whose outlet is near where Interstate 90 meets Lake Washington's eastern shore.

The city of ember book report

The city is bisected by Interstate running north-south, and the southern portion is crossed from west to east by Interstate The State Route freeway roughly delineates the upper reaches of Bellevue.

South of I, the city continues up Cougar Mountainat the top of which lies is an unincorporated King County location called Hilltop. Bellevue is bordered by the cities of Kirkland to the north and Redmond to the northeast along the Overlake and Crossroads neighborhoods.

Issaquah is to the east, down I at the south end of Lake Sammamish. The south end of Bellevue is bordered by the city of Rentonand to the southeast, the relatively recently incorporated city of Newcastle.Oct 01,  · The Lantern’s Ember Tour Report October 1, It was a whirlwind tour month for me.

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the entire hour on each signing day despite the fact that the wonderful sponsoring bookstore ran out of The Lantern’s Ember before my second book and when we asked her what we could get her before we left the city, she said she needed.

The City of Ember, set in the future, shows how people struggle to survive in a place that is falling apart, as food and power become scarce.

This science-fiction novel reads like a comic book and traces the adventures of Lin and Doon as they solve the mystery of The City of Ember. the book The City of Ember, I was intrigued by the story line.

Finally, the metallic and brown shades on the cover and the map after the table of contents really drew me in.

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The builders said the people must live in the city of Ember for at least _____ years before leaving. Doon Harrow in the movie.

Doon Harrow is one of the two main characters in the book The City of Ember. He can't take situations lightly, and can become tempered easily if provoked, accidentally or not. Instructions through Chapter 2 Summary. In "The Instructions," the city of Ember has been constructed and the chief builder says the people must live in the city for at least two hundred years, perhaps two hundred and twenty years.

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