The life and tennis career of novak djokovic

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The life and tennis career of novak djokovic


And that one was the lesser of the two wars, is that right? The first war was more in Croatia and Bosnia. It was between, you know, Serbs and Bosnians and Croatians, and the whole Yugoslavia, was once a big country with six, seven states that, you know, fell apart. The war lasted for a long time, I think three, four years, and there were a lot of victims.

The second war was the one you felt the most, right?

The life and tennis career of novak djokovic

When you were around twelve? Yes, I was twelve and I remember actually that I celebrated my birthday during those two and a half months of bombing and I was turning twelve. I still remember that scene actually. We were having like this little birthday party at this tennis club.

There was no class during that time? It was one of these things that, it was not just from one day to another. It was because of the part of Serbia at that time and it was Kosovo that was… the whole thing, I mean, not to get into politics, because it just gets ugly.

Because, you know, we as human beings, we like to have a control of environment, of where we live, of what we are going to do, you know, of our experiences, and this was completely taken away from us.

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And there was this higher power from above, that could do anything, to anybody. And you could be a collateral damage any minute, basically.

So, uh… Lewis Howes: Did you see bombs dropping every day? So we spent two weeks, most of the nights in those underground shelters. But at the same time, as I was telling you, I feel like that experience has shaped me into the person I am today, has helped me to be more appreciative of life, give more value, I am more grateful, and just, because of everything that has happened, in those ten years, actually, because after the first war to the second war, the whole country was… we had embargo, so there was no imports, like, of gas, for cars, there was no bread and milk, you had lines of people, you know, queues, like, very long ones, so you had to wait, like, hours to get bread, and all these different things that have happened, made me and my family and all the people in Serbia, more resilient, you know, and just tougher, you know, for whatever challenges we face in life and whatever adversity is out there.

And I think that some people stayed stuck in that emotion of, maybe hatred and revenge type of feeling. Is it going to enrich your life? But, you know, I know people that lost their parents, that lost somebody very close, and they lost homes, they lost lives and they had to start over, you know, from scratch.

You cannot forget about it. It is one of these things that is deeply engraved into your subconscious, into your emotions, into your memory. And it was in your childhood, I mean, it was a time in your teens, I guess, right before you became a teenager.

Two and a half months, you said, every day, right? I became a Unicef Ambassador of Goodwill for the region ten years ago, and then in the meantime became a global ambassador and as I became global ambassador some years ago, I start to do different things for Unicef, and my foundation, because Unicef and my foundation are collaborating, and I remember it was, I suppose, a year, a year and a half ago, it was just recently, I mean, when the whole Syrian war started.

It was a huge thing in Europe, because probably a third or a quarter of the country just left. Can you imagine, you have twelve million people in Syria, so three or four million people left the country.

Probably even more now, today. So, you know, many, many, like, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of refugees went through Serbia to go to Germany, Austria, I guess, bigger countries in Europe.ATP Cincinnati Finale.

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During his career, Novak Djokovic has won five Grand Slam singles Titles: The Australian Open in , and Wimbledon in and the US Open in . Novak Djokovic was born on 22 May , in Belgrade, Serbia (previously Yugoslavia) to his parents Dijana and Srđan. His two brothers are also tennis players.

The life and tennis career of novak djokovic

He started playing tennis when he was four years old and was a member of the national team of Yugoslav. Novak Djokovic is one of the big names in the Tennis World. He is a professional tennis player from Serbia who is world top 6 in men’s singles tennis by the ATP (Association of Tennis .

Novak Djokovic Biography Novak Djokovic is the current World No.

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1 men’s singles tennis player. This biography of Djokovic provides detailed information about Place Of Birth: Belgrade, SR Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia. Oct 14,  · The second-seeded Djokovic has won all four Shanghai finals he's contested in his career (, , and ). He previously shared the record of winning three Shanghai titles with Andy Murray.

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