The yellow wallpaper musings

Like the addition of the sweet little tassel I added to my bedroom dresser I just posted about. But also in other ways like the addition of decorative paper to line the drawers. It is not needed, but it sure gives your eyes a treat every time you open a drawer seeing a pop of color and a pretty design. I use gift wrap mostly when lining drawers, but wallpaper works well too, as do book pagesmaps, and other large pieces of paper.

The yellow wallpaper musings

He treats her more like a child. He suppresses her writing, one of the ways she expresses herself. In this case, he literally silences her voice, saying she should not work and not even think about her condition.

The yellow wallpaper musings

It is likely that she suffers from post-partum depression but it is also likely that John's condescension and manipulations exacerbate this Asserting his position as the dominant male, John does not treat his wife as an equal. It is likely that she suffers from post-partum depression but it is also likely that John's condescension and manipulations exacerbate this condition.

In fact, he does not take her "nervousness" seriously. This is why he laughs at her imagination and "fancies. Feeling the romanticism of living in a country house in summer, his wife the narrator considers that the house might be haunted.

John laughs at this because he doesn't concern himself with impractical things. One might also consider this a nervous laugh since John is afraid of superstition.

He has no patience with faith, an intense horror of superstition, and he scoffs openly at any talk of things not to be felt and seen and put down in figures. John laughs at his wife's obsession with the wallpaper.

Rather than listen to his wife's complaints about the walls of her functional prison, he says that the house is making her better.

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He believes that he knows what's best for her; despite what she says about herself. In each case, John laughs at what he doesn't understand.

He doesn't understand that the wallpaper is a symbolic prison just as he doesn't, or refuses to, indulge in creative musings about the country house.Musings of an Energy Nerd Are Dew-Point Calculations Really Necessary?

How to perform dew-point calculations — and why it's possible to design a high-performance wall without performing calculations or consulting a psychrometric chart.

How to Refinish Your Bathtub for $50

Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. The Heirloom Daffodil Orchard at England’s Felley Priory. Featured on the cover of Gardens Illustrated, Felley Priory’s Daffodil Orchard is the “crowning glory” of its “renowned gardens” – and filled with nothing but heirlooms..

The Priory has been in the Chaworth-Musters family since , but most of the daffodils were planted in the s. Related Questions.

In "The Yellow Wallpaper," what are the narrator's feelings toward her husband?

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1 educator answer In what ways is the narrator's husband implicated as part of her predicament in. Hi Julie great to hear from you and glad that you found the article useful.

I suspect that the blackbutt floor is throwing up yellow onto the Antique White which has a touch of creaminess to it in the first place.

How to refinish your bathtub to take it from yellow and dingy to crisp white and brand new for $50! Requires a little elbow grease and a special product.

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