Women on death row

Various methods of dealing with these kinds of criminals have been devised all over the world. One of the most controversial sentences in the penal system is capital punishment. Here are 10 interesting facts about doomed men and women on death row.

Women on death row

The victim was beaten, stabbed, and injected with battery acid. Dora Buenrostro, California Murder x3 — Sentenced for killing her three children.

Susan Eubanks, California Murder x4 — Sentenced for fatally shooting her four young children. Socorro Caro, California Murder x3 — Sentenced for fatally shooting three of her four young sons. Her husband was also sentenced to death in the case.

Celeste Carrington, California Murder x2 — Sentenced for killing two workers during a series of robberies. Belinda Magana, California Murder — Sentence for beating and scalding her 2-year-old son to death.

Days later, she and a co-defendant assaulted and killed a second woman. Her boyfriend was also sentenced to death in the case. Sandi Nieves, California Murder x4 — Sentenced for setting fire to her home, killing her four daughters. Brooke Rottiers, California Murder x2 — Sentenced for murdering two men she lured to a motel room and robbed.

Angelina Rodriguez, California Murder — Sentenced for poisoning her husband with antifreeze. Catherine Thompson, California Murder — Sentenced for hiring a man to kill her husband. Manling Williams, California Murder x3 — Sentenced for killing her husband and two young sons.

Women on death row

The co-defendants, who were dating at the time of the murder and have a child together, are accused of having lured Strong into a storage trailer behind Carr's mother's home, duct-taping her to a chair, putting a plastic bag over her head and suffocating her.

She also got a life sentence for kidnapping. Prosecutors said the torture went on for hours before Wright was strangled with a belt. Allen's roommate, James Martin, and nephew, Quinton Allen, were both convicted for their part in helping her try to bury the body in a shallow grave. Brown beat her victim with a stun gun, hit her with a crow bar, and set her on fire.

Women on death row

The victim died two weeks later from her injuries.Mar 30,  · Carr, on death row at the Lowell Correctional Institution Annex, would not testify at the trial.

The prosecution detailed the gruesome aspects of the crime. Both the prosecution and Fulgham's defense attorneys agreed that the motives for Heather Strong's murder were jealousy and betrayal.

Death Row Information - Texas Department of Criminal Justice. May 20,  · 10 Death Row Marriage. Even though men and women on death row will most likely never again live a white-picket-fence existence, tying the .

Women on Death Row: Texan Kimberly McCarthy was scheduled to be first woman put to death in U.S. since (last execution of female by Alabama on ; 4 female offenders now on Alabama’s death row) Blackmon, Patricia: Black; age 29 at crime (DOB ); murder of black female age 2 (her adopted daughter) in Dothan in May ; sentenced on Everyone's a victim.

This "documentary" is a completely one-sided, biased argument against the death penalty. The 5 women they talk about are all either women who have been proven innocent and released (and are therefore not Women on Death Row), or painted to be a victim.

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