Write a short note on read only memory card

Memory Stickand xD-Picture Card. For example, the microSD card has an area of just over 1.

Write a short note on read only memory card

If you have troubles for copying files or deleting files with your flash drive and you face problems with thatplease complete reading this article.

Most of people when they format their flash drives ,they get error message "the disk is write protected " as you see in the shown picture. How to get rid off this error message and repair flash drive?. Write protected flash drive problem solutions: Scan your flash drive with updated antivirus May be your flash drive is infected by virus like trojans or another virus so to remove this virus we must use a strong antivirus such as "NOD 32 ".

First download nod 32 antivirus then update it. Scan your flash drive. What if this solution doesn't work with you? Unlock your memory card or flash drive Sometimes you lock your memory card or flash drive. Check if you lock your memory card ,then unlock it like the previous pictures may be your write protected problem will be solved after unlock memory card.

If this solution doesn't work with your write protected problemplease follow the third solution.

write a short note on read only memory card

Be sure that there is enough space to copy files to your memory card or flash drive. Make sure the files you want to move a printable Some files is programed to be read only files that you can't copy it to any removable devices.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Not Reading microSD Card & Other Related Issues

Make sure that your files isn't Read Only files. To do that just right click on file then click properties then attributes and remove the mark on "Read Only ". If this solution doesn't fix your write protected problemplease see the next solution.

We will repair and fix write protected memory card or flash drive by using windows DOS. If this solution doesn't work with you ,please see the next solution. Open "RUN" as we mentioned before. Write "regedit" then press enter. Click yes to open windows registry editor.

Remove your usb flash drive then insert it again or restart your PC. Right click on flash drive then choose format. As the previous picture make the default settings. Click Start and wait until finish formatting your write protected flash drive.

If this solution doesn't work with youplease try the next solution.To release the internal memory, people tend to insert an external SD card into the handset, in the meantime, to enlarge the storage of the phone. However, some users usually complain that the SD card can't be detected or read by the device.

In this way, let's find out the reasons why SD card doesn't work and the solutions to deal with it. Some USB drives and memory cards have physical switch which could turn ON and OFF the write protection.

But sometimes it happens that USB drive or SD card refuse to format or write any data even though there is no switch on it or the switch is set correctly to let the device to be written to.

Read-only memory (ROM) is a type of non-volatile memory used in computers and other electronic devices. Data stored in ROM can only be modified slowly, Write-only memory; Terminology.

EEPROM: electrically erasable programmable read-only memory can be reprogrammed and reused many times;. write short notes on "digital camera and video camera".what is audio input and audio input device?write short notes in microphone and speech recognition system. Digital camera A digital camera is an input device.


it is used to capture(or take) pictures and stores them in digital form. it does not use. Problem: Bought a new gb Samsung sd card. Trying to transfer files from 32gb sd card to new gb sd card on my mom’s mac. Says can’t read some of the files.

Here is a comprehensive tutorial on how to change the read/write permission on a flash disk/memory card and external hard drive. So, anyone who has the problem of not being able to copy, delete or format a disk due to read only and write protection should stop by.

write a short note on read only memory card
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